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The new legal treaties of the United States ruling
With the advancement of technology developed on today's society there are more and more people use the Internet to crimes such as: Identity thieves, online terrorists, hackers and so on ... According to the new law treaty 28 October 2003 ruling of the United States, Article 326 of the USA Patriot chapter contents, for open an account all online financial institution must collect customers identification documents in order to confirm the role of the true identity of account holders. In addition, we will need to file one or more files, to collect information in order to carry out identity verification. If we find that identity has been verified that the Company will retain the right to refuse to open an account access. According to the law, coinsmarts must be rigorous secrecy to all the collected data. Anyway, coinsmarts purpose is to protect the privacy of each client and ensure the security of customer account. Please fill in the following information to ensure accurate and avoid processing delays occur. What do we need?
1) Certificates issued by the national government (with photo) example: ID card, passport, driving license.
2) Upload these documents and document holders face NOTE: You submit the above documents they hold the upper body photos you put the above two photos (1 and 2).
Please to send to [email protected], thank you. (Please send two photographs uploaded to the same mail) Make sure your face and documents is clearly visible.

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