Bitcoin resume

English Name:
Bitcoin (short-form BTC)
Date of Birth:
Satoshi Nakamoto
Family size:
a total of 21 million
Existing Number:
15,944,575 points
Daily output
(Every 10 minutes 12.5 Bitcoin are generated)
I was a peer to peer (P2P) in the form of digital money, as long as both parties are willing to use me to complete the transaction. Play "money" role in the transaction process, to achieve the exchange and circulation.
Nakamoto (Japan)
Every day 1800 new bitcoin are generated existing number
Total 21,000,000

Bitcoin ecological map

Consumer: Shopping
For Sale: Stock Exchange
Production: mining

Bitcoin uses

  • Shopping

    There are more than 200,000 merchants to accept BTC, you can buy most of the goods.

  • Cash

    Global trading platform 78 supports 38 kinds of currency exchange law

  • Charity/a reward

    Earthquakes and other natural disasters to show love for the favorite articles sop

What you can buy with Bitcoin ?

  • BTC abroad for large sites
  • Newegg (www.newegg.com)
    E-commerce platform
  • Dell (www.dell.com)
    Computer Retail
  • Paypal(www.paypal.com)
    Payment network
  • Overstock(www.overstock.com)
    Discount Website
  • gyft(www.gyft.com)
    Online gift card platform
  • BTC accepts domestic large sites
  • Age Gifts (www.38haoli.com)
    Online Gift Shop

Bitcoin which can be converted into legal tender?

A number of global exchanges, support the RMB exchange, dollar, yen, euro, British pound, Korean won, Australian dollar and other 38 kinds of legal tender

Bitcoin exchanges worldwide distribution

How do I get Bitcoin?

1. The trading platform to buy (index of difficulty: )

You will need the following:

  • Money
  • Trading platform registration process

2. The shop accepts BTC (difficulty index )

You will need the following

  • A shop
  • Download wallet

Access Bitcoin wallet official website to download:

3. When the miners, mining difficulty index )

You will need the following

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals
  • Download wallet
  • Buy the mining machine mining
  • Depth understanding of mining Raiders

Mining operation is performed by using a special computer, crack the encryption problem to get the new BTC process.


What are the characteristics of Bitcoin?

  • Decentralized

    It can not be frozen

  • Global Circulation

    Trading platforms and businesses throughout the world

  • Low transaction fees

    Zero or very low fees

  • Security holders

    Not easily stolen

  • Convenient transfers

    10 minutes from Africa to the Americas

  • Fixed total volume

    Limit of 21 million non-issuance

Bitcoin price review

1BTC=Dollar (2009 Year) Higher Price: USD 1000 (2013 Year) Price : around USD 200+(2009 Year))

Bitcoin "collateral consanguinity"

In addition to Bitcoin, a digital currency industry, there are now more or less prominent cottage currency, more information can go to the database to understand the times.

  • Litecoin LTC

    Litecoin LTC

    Litecoin, second only to the number of users of another Bitcoin digital currency, the "Wright silver," he said.



  • Dogecoin DOGE

    Dogecoin DOGE

    DOGECOIN, higher domestic and international acceptance. Tipping cultural, charitable and cultural community culture is particularly prominent.



  • Peercoin PPC

    Peercoin PPC

    Peercoin, interest pioneered the POS system to prevent deflation, the follow-up of a lot of cottage currency to follow suit.



  • Black Coin BLK

    Black Coin BLK

    Blackcoin, a digital currency introduced the world's first smart client BlackHalo the contract.

Why pay attention to bitcoins?

You need to know?

Bitcoin is not the official currency
Bitcoin is anonymous, decentralized Features You need to protect your wallet address Price volatility, high risk Transaction fees have drawn No one can predict the future of BTC The need to maintain attention Trading irreversible

You want to know, where to find?


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